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Iran and the Islamic Revolution

March 4, 2010

Immaculate Conception or Veiled Deception?

Shia/Cia Islamic Revolution’s Real Birthday.

The rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran have always described their Islamic Revolution as if it were an Immaculate Conception, and celebrating its true birthday on 15th Khordad, 1342 (June 5, 1963):

The movement of Khordad 15 [June 5, 1963] began here in this Madrasa.  On the afternoon of Ashura, a great meeting took place here, accompanied by speeches exposing the crimes of the government. The sequel was the uprising that took place on Khordad 15. It was an uprising that took place for the sake of Islam, in the name of Islam, and under the leadership of the religious scholars.”    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, June 5, 1979.

This notion is interesting to me because I was there right in the middle of it.  On June 2, 1963, through Col. Qafari and Mr. Khabazbashi, General Valliollah Qarani’s liaison to Khomeini’s organization, my close friend Mustafa, some students from Tehran University and I, went to visit Iran’s rising religious celebrity, Ayatollah Khomeini, at his residence in Qom.  General Qarani was a long-time family friend and a veteran of the 1953 Shia/Cia coup that restored the Shah to power and the 1958 failed coup plot that had tried to remove him.  On September 1, 1962, the disastrous Bou’in-Zahra earthquake had hit our nation.  The following day, Mustafa and I, and those students from Tehran University all had pitched in on the relief effort.  So, as we all were eager to promote “democracy” in our homeland, General Qarani wanted us to meet his partner and “co-revolutionary,” Khomeini.  The Ayatollah greeted us warmly, and took quite an interest in our earthquake relief “heroics.” However, upon our departure as he discovered that one of the students was Armenian, his attitude quickly grew cold.
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